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Earth Right Energy Company Overview

Company Overview

Earth Right Mid-Atlantic is a full service energy efficiency and solar company dedicated to reducing our customer’s utility bills. Earth Right Mid-Atlantic is one of the few solar companies that offer energy efficiency services for your attic, crawl space, and everything in between. In conjunction with our energy efficiency and solar services, our partnerships allows us the opportunity to offer the most efficient heating and cooling systems, as roofing solutions.

Earth Right Mid-Atlantic solar and energy efficiency packages are custom-tailored to our customer’s property and includes a positive return on investment every time. Customer education is key to help our customers make the best decision when adding energy efficiency improvements to their home. For example, most customer’s are excited to discover that most local utility providers offer little-known incentives to offset the cost of making efficiency upgrades. Earth Right Mid-Atlantic has over 30 years of experience in solar, energy efficiency and electrical fields. With a master electrician available at all times, our solar projects are completed on-time and with the highest standard of quality.

In summary, Earth Right Mid-Atlantic provides customers a way to reduce their monthly expenses on utility bills through efficiency and solar solutions. Our mission is to help homeowners and business owners fight the rising utility costs which average 4% year over year. Our certified energy consultants are trained to use the Flir™ infrared imaging camera line to detect cold and hot spots throughout the property. Knowing where heating and cooling losses are occurring allows Earth Right Mid-Atlantic to provide each customer with a detailed report on the energy efficiency measures that will provide the largest return on investment. This provides the highest return on the customer’s investment and allows for a long-term financial reward.

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