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Earth Right Energy Residential Solar

Cutting Edge Technology

Earth Right Energy™ provides state of the art solar panels at unbeatable prices. Our prices are cheaper because we buy in bulk and pass our savings directly to you.

Eliminate Your Power Bill

Our team will help you unlock savings you never knew existed. We can help you with reducing and/or eliminating your power bill by locking-in savings when going solar.

Solar Installation Simplified

From your first call to the last solar panel installation Earth Right Energy is here for you. Our support team will be with you every step of the way during your installation.

See How Much You Can Save With Solar...

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Earth Right Energy™ has the answers. We’re here to help you….

Take control of your utilities with Solar. Earth Right Energy™ offers a complete Solar Package which makes you less dependent on the big power companies.

It’s not just about answering your questions – it’s about giving you answers you didn’t know were available. When it comes to finding and understanding the Tax Credits available to you, Earth Right Energy is the place to turn.  Our no-cost customized solar quote will break down all your options and give you a concise plan that fits your budget.

Need financing?  No problem! Earth Right Energy has finance programs in place to help you get a payment that’s affordable for you. If you think about it, you are ‘renting’ your power each month from your local utility company.  Lining someone else’s pockets with no end in sight AND no investment potential.

Turn the tables and install your residential solar with no money down. Then you can immediately replace your power bill with a payment that goes towards owning your future power. All while increasing the value of your home and increasing the resale value.

Did you know that utility costs go up 3-5% each year on average? Solar helps you fight the rising costs and gives you peace of mind. Not to mention reducing your carbon footprint for generations to come.

This is just one reason why you are seeing more solar.  It’s not your eyes being blinded by the sun. Solar panels, worldwide, have been installed more in the last 2 years then the last 20 plus years combined.